Auricular Reflexology and Ear Seeding

Auricular reflexology and Ear seeding

Auricular (Ear) Reflexology is not as widely known as Reflexology for the feet, hands and face. More research has taken place into Auricular work, both acupuncture and acupressure, than for other forms of reflexology and is recognised by WHO (World Health Organisation)
The ear reflex points map the body and additionally has points for emotional balance, worry and allergies. Auricular Reflexology is particularly effective for pain relief and to combat joint stiffness, as well as relaxation.  However, as with any therapy, there are contra-indications and precautions which can be discussed with your therapist. We highly recommend that you seek medical advice for any health concerns.
Tiny Vaccaria seeds can be placed to selected reflex points on the ear, which allows you to apply gentle pressure to the area, enhancing the effects of your treatment.
Auricular Reflexology can be stand-alone, incorporating warm towels around the ears and a scalp massage to complete the treatment. If you prefer, this makes a wonderful addition to other treatments we offer.

Your treatment – 50 minutes stand-alone £35
As an addition to other treatments – 15 minutes £8

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