Indian Head Massage/Champissage


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been passed down through generations in Indian families. The traditional Indian head massage was developed by women to keep their hair strong and their scalp healthy.  Men visiting the barber received a scalp massage as well.

Nahendra Mehta introduced Indian Head Massage to the West in the 1980’s. He trained in physiotherapy in the 1970’s and later, massage treatments.  Having been brought up with head massage, he missed the fact that this was not included in massage treatments. Being visually impaired heightened his senses and he developed techniques to include the neck, shoulders and upper arms which helps to reduce tension, inducing relaxation, stimulating lymphatic drainage and offers a sense of wellbeing. He later introduced an Ayurvedic element of chakra energy balancing which he called Indian Champissage and extended the massage to include the face and ears.

We incorporate acupressure points with a Kansa wand around the face, to enhance the treatment. Kansa will not be used if you are allergic to metals.  Aromatherapy oils blended especially for you are used , or there is an option of sesame oil infused with herbs as used in the practice of Ayurveda. Traditionally this treatment is usually given seated, but has shown to provide optimum relaxation when lying down.  Both versions are beneficial, it is just a matter of preference. Whilst relaxing, we offer you a light massage on upper arms.

YOUR  TREATMENT – 45 minutes – £35

As an addition, you may like Auricular Reflexology 15 minutes   – £8

We offer training in Indian Head Massage within our treatment room


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