Gentle Touch™ Reflexology for Babies and Children

Gentle Touch™ Reflexology for Babies and Children

Photograph by kind permission of Niall Porter
Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology is the registered trademark of Sue Ricks.

This is a soothing and effective treatment, especially for babies and children under 16 , when a Gentle Touch ™  is applied to the feet or hands, offering relaxation.   Every area has reflex points, which correspond to areas in the body and by using specific techniques working with these reflex points, it is possible to assist their body and emotional health towards even better comfort, ease and happiness.  Reflexology is just as suitable for a tiny baby as it is for a child or an adult.  Each child may experience other benefits, but relaxation is the main one.

There are many different kinds of reflexology, including the face and ears, with their own techniques and pressure, but Gentle Touch ™ differs in the lightness of touch, almost ‘feather – like’ and is an ideal treatment for very young babies and children.  

The treatment lasts for as long as the child is happy,  some for a few minutes, others for up to 40 minutes.  The time allocated altogether is an hour, allowing an opportunity for questions  in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. A medical history is also taken, with after care advice and treatment plan if any. We ask that you bring some toys with you.

Treatment – £25

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