Pregnancy Reflexology

Whether you are hoping to become pregnant or you are already pregnant, then Reflexology may be the right therapy for you.

Maternity Reflexology

Once pregnant, the body undergoes many changes and this is a time when you need to be nurtured and cherished during this special time.  Pregnancy Reflexology is slightly different from traditional reflexology, as the treatment is modified by using specific techniques, which are adjusted to each trimester.

Reflexology aims to optimise the physical and emotional health in pregnancy, supporting you and your baby at all levels, promoting relaxation.

I am happy to speak to you before any decisions are made regarding Reflexology.  Please remember that Reflexology is a complementary therapy and it is recommended that you ask for advice from your healthcare provider.  Essential oils are not used during treatments.

Your treatment – 1 hour  – £35

Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology for Babies and Children

This is a soothing and effective treatment when a ‘feather’ touch is applied to the feet or hands, offering relaxation. You will find more information under ‘Babies and Children‘.

Treatment time may vary   £25

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