Āyurvedic Foot Massage and Reflexology

Āyurvedic Foot Massage and Reflexology:

This is a unique and amazing fusion of Āyurvedic foot massage (Pāddabhyanga) and Reflexology. The treatment begins with some relaxing foot and lower leg massage using warmed sesame oil, infused with  herbs prepared in the Āyurvedic tradition – slowly and methodically the calves, ankles feet and toes are helped to relax.

A warmed Kansa bowl (made of copper, zinc and tin)  coated with  warmed oil,  is then introduced to enhance the treatment, massaging over feet and lower legs, using a rotating action of the hand. The Kansa bowl draws excess heat  out of the body to help to energise, balance and to give a sense of wellbeing.

Āyurvedic Foot Massage and Reflexology

This is a relaxing and revitalising treatment for tired feet and legs. The reflex areas recognised in conventional Reflexology will also be part of the treatment.  The lower arms and hands are massaged to complete this therapy experience.
The treatment can be modified if there are allergy concerns with the metal in the Kansa bowl or the oil used.  This can be discussed at the time.

Your treatment 1 hour  –  £30

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