Āyurvedic Face Reflexology and Massage

Āyurvedic Face Reflexology and Massage:

This treatment applies the principles of Ayurveda and Reflexology, focusing on the scalp, face, ears, neck and shoulders.

The first part of the massage does not use oils or creams and involves a variety of massage techniques.

The next step involves working on the vital energy points from the Ayurvedic system called Marmas.  With this, a warm herb infused Tridoshic oil is used, sesame being the base oil, prepared in the Ayurvedic tradition.

Āyurvedic Face Reflexology and Massage

Finally, the face is gently massaged with the warm oil,  using a bronze kansa wand.  Kansa originates from the Sanskrit word kansya meaning bronze. The wand is a kansa bowl with a wooden handle.  Traditionally, kansa bowls are used in Ayurvedic treatments to help remove excess heat from the body,  reinforcing the beneficial effects of massage. The treatment involves working over the scalp, face, neck and ears, finishing with hot towels and moisturiser.
The treatment can be adapted if a client does not wish to have oil in the hair.  Also if there are any allergy concerns with the oil, an alternative may be used.  The kansa wand will not be used if the client is allergic to metal.  This can be discussed and the treatment modified.
Clients can be shown some facial exercises to use for a few minutes each day to sustain the results.

 Your treatment: 1 hour  £35

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