Reikihands Holistic Therapies F.A.Q’s

What does Holistic mean ?

The word holistic comes from the Greek word “holo’s” which means both holy and whole.  It also has origins in ‘hael’ an Anglo Saxon word which means healthy.  Therefore we get 3 words which best describe holistic. They are health, wholeness, holiness.

Do I need to make the therapist aware of anything?
You need to make me aware of any health issues or medication that you are taking. This will be covered in your initial consultation but it would be useful to mention any major issue during booking in case of any treatment restrictions.

Should I use holistic therapies instead of my GP’s prescribed medicine or advice?
Definitely not. Holistic therapies are intended to complement and work alongside orthodox treatment and you should not cease to take any prescribed medication.

What do I wear?

Ensure that you are wearing comfortable clothes to aid with relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.  If you are receiving a Reiki treatment or Sekhem, you will not have to remove any of your clothes and you will simply lie on the bed fully clothed. For Reflexology there is no need to remove any clothing apart from shoes and socks. If you are receiving Indian Head Massage, there are a couple of options. The massage can be performed over your clothes, so again, you do not have to remove your top.  However, the treatment will be greatly enhanced and more beneficial if clothing is removed. Modesty will be respected and the client will be wrapped in a towel or a covering. For other massages, the client will need to remove their top.  Again, modesty will be respected and a towelling gown will be provided.

Is Reiki a Massage?

No.  It is touch healing that balances the energy in the body.

Are holistic treatments a cure?

They are not intended to cure disease or ailments, but can be valuable where high stress or tension is present. The therapies are a means of relaxation.

Reikihands Holistic Therapies F.A.Q's

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