Reiki Master Teacher

This is open to anyone who has completed advanced training and is fully committed to Reiki as a way of life and wishes to teach.
This is an initial two day course, but can be extended to ensure that the student understands all aspects of the coursework.

The student learns the skills and knowledge so as to attune and teach other people. Training consists of working with the Master Teacher, learning what to teach, how to teach, how to carry out the attunements on all levels and how to help students find their own path and assisting them in their experience of Reiki.

The price of the course includes a detailed course manual with certificate.

Course Contents:-

•    Reiki resume
•    Master/Teacher Attunement
•    Using Tibetan Symbols
•    Healing Attunement

How to give: –

•    First Degree  Attunement
•    Second Degree Attunement
•    Third Degree Attunement
•    Teacher Attunement
•    Attuning Yourself
•    Distant Attunement
•    Practice Attunements
•    Preparing Course Manuals

Reikihands Holistic Therapies – Reiki Master Beryl Nelson AET
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