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Clearing my bookcase, I noticed all the lovely books on Bach Flower Remedies.
This reminded me of the time when, as a Bach Flower Practitioner, I was invited to involve volunteers working in the Emergency Services, to include Police, Fire, Ambulance/Paramedics/Nursing, to participate in a pilot study. The pilot was to address any issues, gathering information for final analysis, to determine what impact, if any, the Bach Flowers would have on workers suffering from stress. These people represented themselves and not the service. This was a Nationwide programme and I co-ordinated other practitioners, assigning them with a volunteer.

There was a control group who took Rescue Remedy and another group who had individual remedies. The volunteers were not informed as to which group they had been allocated. I did my own study during this time for the volunteers who were taking Rescue Remedy, compiling a record of what I would have suggested had they been given a personalised remedy.

It was difficult not discussing anything with the lovely volunteers and I looked forward to going through everything with them on completion of the study.
The Rescue Remedy for the control group did help, but I believe there would have been an even more noticeable impact had they taken a bespoke treatment. Impatiens, Rock Rose, Clematis, Cherry Plum and Star of Bethlehem which are in the Rescue Remedy, would have been chosen at some point, Impatiens and Clematis being the most common with Star of Bethlehem.

My individual volunteers also had remedy sheets when Impatiens and Clematis were the most common and Star of Bethlehem was only used once. I found the charts interesting as well. For one Rescue Remedy volunteer, there showed improvement and for the second, no change. I found the latter interesting, as I felt that he was hiding behind a cheerful face, giving the impression that he was very ‘laid back’. The final chart showed that was not the case.

From my point of view as a Practitioner, I found this study very interesting, with very good feedback from my volunteers. It was felt that the questions were not all ideal, (the questions were all chosen by the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association) but one client commented that they reinforced that things were not as bad as they thought. Another volunteer felt that her true personality was shining and that she had not felt like that.

It is amazing how other people’s expectations can change many things for us and the Bach Flowers have helped to bring out the positive; thinking carefully, stepping back for a moment before making rash decisions.

If you would like to know how Bach Flowers could help you, we hold Zoom workshops, one to one being very popular. A consultation can be arranged if you prefer. There is more information elsewhere on the website:

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You can also take a look at the official Bach Flower Website.

Photograph by Beryl, Reikihands

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